Kit8 Vision Board Kit – Manifest Your Dreams – 440 Reusable Inspirational Stickers – Notebook and Rollerball Pen – Folding Display Board – for Adults – Create Your Best Life

55.76 CAD

  • ✅EMPOWER YOUR DREAMS – unleash the power of visualization and attraction with Kit8, a comprehensive Vision Board Kit designed for adults. Manifest your aspirations, from relationships and career goals to dream cars, world travel, activities, wealth, and personal growth using the tools included.
  • ✅Removable Stickers – Easily create your dream board using our removable stickers. They stick perfectly to the display board, letting you customize it as your goals change by rearranging the stickers whenever you want to focus on new dreams. Including 212 stickers on 10 large sheets and 228 on 6 small sheets, you’ll find a variety of images, words, quotes, and affirmations representing relationships, success, travel, wealth, and more. Let your manifestation board accurately reflect your desires.
  • ✅Folding Display Board / Notebook & Pen – Our three-panel display board design is compact, measuring 38cm tall x 24cm when folded. When unfolded, it expands to an impressive 38cm x 48cm, offering ample space to showcase your dreams. With its self-supporting structure, it can be placed on any surface or hung on the wall. With the portable notebook and pen, you can always capture your thoughts and inspiration.
  • ✅REACH YOUR GOALS SOONER — spend less time preparing and more time taking action towards your dreams. Say goodbye, searching for magazines or struggling with glue and scissors. Kit8 is designed to help you define your goals and effortlessly create a vision board that aligns with your vision. Simply select the perfect images and affirmations that resonate with your aspirations and easily stick them onto your display board. It’s time to make it happen!
  • ✅THE GIFT OF SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS – This New Year, uplift your loved ones with the perfect present: a vision board. By gifting a KIT8 vision board to your friends and family, you empower them to envision their dreams and aspirations. This simple yet powerful gesture demonstrates your belief in their potential and unwavering support.